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Hey there, Business Bestie!

It's that time of year again - time for apple picking, hiking in the the gloriously brisk weather, and having FUN. You wish you were having all those fun fall adventures you dream of, but NO. You're at your computer, staring at your monitor, watching the cursor blink blink blink at you as you wonder WHAT THE FLUFF you're supposed to be doing in your biz right now. 

Should you be... hopping on social media and pumping out post after post?

Or maybe you should use this time to read all your unopened emails...

OR... You could use the time to write a blog post!!! But blogging is boring and takes for.ev.er, so you look out the window some more. 


Hmmmm... You consider skipping out on blogging and marketing altogether, but you know that if you do that, you can expect the following:


 - a fat drop in Google rankings

 - much lower visibility

 - less authority with your site visitors - and without authority, why should they trust you?

 - a steady decline in clients and (HELLO) MUCH less money money money


And even if you DO get clients when your blog and social presence look like #tumbleweeds, they're more likely to be UN-ideal - tire-kickers, penny-pinchers and pain-in-the-butt people who don't know you and what you're about.

So basically, you've GOT TO DO THIS, right?


What are you going to write about?

How will you phrase it? Will it take forever to get it onto the page?


What will you do if it looks and sounds unpolished and unprofessional? Is there a BlogFairy who will come along and edit it for you and turn it into SEO-glossy client bait???


There IS a better way to do it - you just have to find it. 


Here at Uncommonly Good Biz, we've got that better way, and it's all in The Academy.


The Academy will have you blogging at lightning speed and adding a polished post to your site in an hour a week, so you'll be back to that tasty margarita in practically no time at all. 

In our weekly meetings (and a wee bit of homework), you'll do the following:

- Develop a set of subjects you can speak knowledgeably about

- Create a list of topics your ideal clients are searching for

- Watch quick, no-BS video trainings with writing prompts so you can write your posts super fast

- Optimize those posts for SEO

and best of all?

- Post or schedule your writing RIGHT AWAY. 




No more sitting around trying to force yourself to write a blog, and no more shaking your head as you read what you've typed, thinking sadly, "This is absolute crap."

Yeah, I know you've thought that before. I'm not psychic - I've just been there. It took concerted practice to NOT write absolute crap, and guess what?

The Academy is that kind of practice - it will have you writing better and faster than ever before. 



Sound good so far? Here are the details - 

We meet every Monday at 11am CST, but your admission begins on the day you join The Academy - you'll have access to all the previous prompt videos as soon as you're in the group. YEP! You'll have your week's blogging DONE first thing and you'll be back to enjoying your life, not inside staring at the monitor. 

You're ready to make the kind of effort that grows your business, right? You're the kind of person who's sick of waiting around for something to stick, and you're tired of trying to force yourself to create habits that don't come naturally. Oh, and if I can guess one more thing about you? You're totally over doing business in a boring way - you want to shake things up and try things that are fast, fun, and effective. 

Let's do all that together in The Academy. What say you, friend?

See you in class!



OH OH OH PS - If you've got questions, you'd probably like some answers - here you go.

Who is The Academy perfect for?

If you're trying to grow your creative business, this is for YOU. The writing and video prompts are general enough to customize to any business, and you'll be the one creating the material, so one size does fit all.

Who won't succeed at The Academy?

Hmmm... I could go one route and say, "This isn't for quitters and whiners!" but that's not my style, so I'll say it's NOT for people who already have established blogging and marketing  practices. If your habits are already impeccable, you'll be wasting valuable time trying to improve on perfection, and if there's one thing I WILL NOT DO, it's waste your time or my own. If you're a perfect entrepreneur already, go spend this time and money on something else.

The Academy is also not for hobby bloggers. If you're blogging for fun, I totally admire that, but the prompts in The Academy are geared towards growing businesses and profits.

Can I download the videos and do this later?

NOPE. The magic of The Academy is the live challenge and assistance. It's a now or never thing. 

Can I join at a later date?

OF COURSE, but why would you want to? Your Biz-Life sucks NOW, so you want to fix it NOW, right? 

What happens if I'm going on vacation during The Academy? Can I have some money back?

First, I hope you have a great trip! Second, that's not a problem- the group lives on Facebook, so you'll be able to check in and watch videos. If you're going to somewhere that has no internet access, you can always check out past prompts for inspiration.

In regards to "getting some money back", you are solely responsible for your business decisions, and no refunds will be granted.

Are you available for other editing or copy help?

Sure am! Editing begins at $285 per page, and full copy writing services begin at $1550. Please email me at misha@uncommonlygoodbiz.com to chat if you'd like to chat more. 

Has anyone else ever tried this? How do I know it works?

The Academy is already home to folks just like you - don't just take my word for it, see what they have to say about it. 


Beth Patton - Geek Girl Massage Therapy

Just wanted to thank you, Misha, for having this group and providing the prompts, etc. My SEO has improved tremendously since blogging every week, and that wouldn't have happened without all these awesome prompts!

Not really Jenn P

Jenn Pollard

I have no idea if this is coincidence or not, but the blog that I wrote Monday at "camp" and posted today has been retweeted twice. In an hour since posting. And my blogs have never been retweeted before. Happy! Thank you Misha! I have to say, I've never in my life knocked out a blog so quickly. Thank you!

What do you say? Jump in and join The Academy!