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Wake Up Your Copy - Consultation Service

Copy is so important and finding the right copywriter - someone who GETS YOU - is so hard. Putting together a cohesive message was crucial to communicating what I have to offer, and Misha delivered copy that did just - even better, it sounded like my voice. She even brought up things that I hadn’t even thought of in such clever way. Because of her, I’ve landed many of my ideal clients - Alycia W. 

In one hour, Misha gave me tips and tricks to tweak my copy in ways no one else has been able to do. I had so many "aha" moments as she walked through my site and showed me how client's experience my message and my copy! That alone was invaluable. Her quick tips on how to enhance my copy and make it pop were brilliant. And, she made me feel like all y work on my site wasn't in vain by complimenting me on the copy I'd already had. I highly recommend Misha if you're looking for honest feedback on your copy and useful tips on how to enhance the impact of your copy. Mercedes Samudio, Parent Coach


My mind is on fire.
My body took an adrenaline shot.
"Why?" might you ask.
I just had a consultation with Misha Hettie to have my Sales Page butt-lift-reviewed.
Or that's what I thought...
What I didn't know is that I would be getting out of our 1:1 with a punctiliously refined action plan (for my marketing campaign), an ingeniously prescribed business plan (for the upcoming steps ahead), an accountability police officer, and a mind and business soulmate.
I had a 30 minutes super intense workout right after that. 
But I would have easily gone 3x more intense to contain all the cleverness and energy Misha infused in every neuron and synapse of my brain.
- Yasmine Charif

Clarity Coaching


Lost. Overwhelmed. Defeated. These were just a few words I’d use to describe my pre-Misha coaching sesh. I’ve owned multiple businesses, had many creative projects, and have a great network…but I never found my “fit.” I’d been following Misha and her business online for a few years, and her messages always rang true to me. There was a connection…I knew if I ever needed a business guru, it was going to be her. Well the time finally came where I was ready to make my leap back into the world of “creative entrepreneur” and contacting Misha for Clarity Coching was the best freaking decision I’ve ever made in regards to my overall business and personal goals. We chatted for a bit…she let me give her every pain-staking detail of what I thought was relevant from my past, my current issues and passions, and my future goals. She patiently worked through many scenarios for my business until we reached the perfect fit for ME. Unfortunately this is NOT common place. Many people that say they will help you, don’t truly put themselves in your shoes. They see everything through their own eyes. NOT Misha. She said that when we got to “the good stuff” she could see my eyes light up…she said I was visibly excited. I’m excited to see what the future holds, ecstatic to have a game plan, and lucky I found someone like Misha to put in my corner. You won’t regret putting her in your corner either.

- Brandi D. 

Blog Camp/ Communications Coaching 

OMG Misha!!! I just sat down to read your edit. I <3 you!!! I need to revise my list of ten subjects and I may just have a blog! - Marsha T. 


I have no idea if this is coincidence or not, but the blog that I wrote Monday at "camp" and posted today has been retweeted twice. In an hour since posting. And my blogs have never been retweeted before. Happy! Thank you Misha! I have to say, I've never in my life knocked out a blog so quickly. Thank you! - Jenn P.


Love it!! Oh this feels so good :) Another check off my list - Lauren B. 


Misha, this has been the most AMAZING (please don't slap me) use of my afternoon. Thank you!!!! - Dixie W. 


I can honestly say if you haven't seen Misha's videos about making your About page awesomesuace (!), then you're all about digging your heels in. See, I got "About" in their 3 times :) Now say that while clicking your ruby heels. Then remove those heels, and you can drink the juice with the rest of us. - Heather B. 


Thanks Misha - you exceeded my expectations and made it so easy. I can't believe that in minutes I wrote a whole About Page!! I ADORE YOU! - Kathleen J. 


Misha, I'm going to give credit where credit is due. Blogging used to be my absolutely least favorite part of this job. And I thought I was an ok writer! But it felt like I was literally giving birth, without an epidural, each time I sat down to write one. And at this point, I find myself coming up with blog ideas on the fly, knocking them out the same day, and being fully confident that I'm being authentic to me. That clients are getting the real me. I'm currently ahead (?) on blogs for five weeks. Wha???? Never in my life....Thank you! - Jen Pollard