Legendary Clients - Your Course to Define and Attract Ideal Clients

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Legendary Clients - Your Course to Define and Attract Ideal Clients


Tired of terrible clients who use and abuse you?

Or maybe you've got some ok clients, but they're just not... quite right?

Or even worse - maybe you're struggling to get anyone - anyone at all! - to hire you because good clients seem impossible to find?


I'm here to tell you - you CAN find and attract the exact right people - they are out there! 

Ready for Legendary Clients - the ones who pay whatever you ask without arguing, the ones who value what you do, the ones who write glowing reviews and brag about you to all of their friends without you even asking?? 

Then you're going to want this course. 

What's Included?

The course includes a workbook with: 

  • thought-provoking questions so you can truly define what you want from your business and WHO you want to serve so you can finally have a roster of dream clients ONLY,
  • exercises to give you a greater understanding of where those dream clients hang out online, and
  • a communications guide so you'll know how to attract them when you DO find them. It's SO much easier to find, attract and KEEP Ideal Clients when you're completely comfortable in your writing and speaking, so if you want those Legendary Clients, this element is KEY.
  • my super-secret tactics to speed up your writing process - you'll be talking to the right people in the right way in less time than ever before. 

You'll also receive a series of video trainings to walk you through the theory and concepts behind each question. I'll guide you through the psychology of the worksheets so you can dig deep and provide answers that go beyond the surface-level stuff.  

But wait - there's MORE - 

In addition to all this Best Case Scenario information, you'll learn what to do if you have more than one ideal client archetype, how to deal when the people you *thought* were your perfect client actually didn't work out, and how to "talk to" more than one client at a time - this is always helpful if, for example, both a husband and a wife have to be on board. 

See Additional Info for more - 

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Oh, and please know this - I make NO guarantees of your results, and I would never try to give you the ol' razzle dazzle story in order to convince you that my personal results are typical - I've been working on this particular railroad a while now.

I WILL tell you, however, that hard AND strategic work bears results, so put in your best efforts, ok?

UGB Policy dictates that their are no refunds for digital products - you can't un-download the thing, right? - but if you are unhappy for any reason, please contact me and I will do my personal best to fix things right up.