Email Opt In Strategy Session

Email Opt In Strategy Session


"The money's in the list!"

We've ALL heard it before, but what if you don't HAVE much of a list? And what if you're not sure how to get people to sign up for it without promising them free donuts and kittens?


What if you DO have an opt in, but... no one's biting, and despite all your hard work, all you can hear is crickets and all you can see is tumbleweeds...

Where did you go wrong???

You want to know...

WHAT to put in your Opt In Offer

HOW to name it so that people are actually interested in the darn thing, 

WHERE and WHEN to offer it so people will sign up instead of skipping right over it like it's digital dog doo,


WHO you need to get it in front of so they'll actually turn into CLIENTS, not bloodsucking freebie-vampires.


Then you need more than just someone to edit your copy... You need a STRATEGY. 

Imagine, if you will...

You. Me. Skype. Coffee (in the morning.) Gin & Tonic. (If it's not.) AND OF COURSE 

Your Opt In Offer. 

In this 60 minute session, we'll talk about your business, your products, your ideal clients, your current strategy, what's worked in the past, and what hasn't.

We'll create a path for your potential new fans and followers to go from "Who the heck is this??" to "YEP, I want to sign up for a piece of that!"

And best of all? We'll do it WITHOUT you giving away the freebie farm so you can turn these folks from taste-testers to ACTUAL BUYERS. 

You'll leave with pages of notes on how to improve your words and make your people WAKE THE FREAK UP and HIRE YOU.

Sound like a plan? I THOUGHT SO. 

Sign up for your Email Opt In Strategy Session ASAP and build the heck out of your list so you, too, can get those sweet, sweet, list-powered dollars. 


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Oh, and please know this - in business, much like in life, there are no guarantees of your results, and I would never try to give you the ol' razzle dazzle story in order to convince you that my personal results are typical.

I WILL tell you, however, that hard AND strategic work bears results, so put in your best efforts, ok?

UGB Policy dictates that their are no refunds for work sessions - you can't return time and brainpower, right? - but if you are unhappy for any reason, please contact me and I will do my personal best to fix things right up.