Strategic Copy Consultation


Strategic Copy Consultation


In this 90 minute Skype session, we will address the most important pages of your website and make them lean, mean, client converting machines. 

We'll address content, preferred pathways, traffic sources, ideal clients and more. 

You'll leave with pages of notes on how to improve your words and make your people WAKE THE FREAK UP and HIRE YOU.

Once you've made all the necessary changes, you can send me a Bat-signal and I'll review whatcha got - just in case - and send you any polishing edits you might want to make.

Yup, when we're done this baby's going to be perfectly you AND powerful. 


When you purchase this item, you'll fill out a form with your contact information. Within 24 hours, I will contact you to schedule your Skype call.


No refunds will be granted for this product. See Additional Info for more. 

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Here's what the cool kids have to say about this...

In one hour, Misha gave me tips and tricks to tweak my copy in ways no one else has been able to do. I had so many "aha" moments as she walked through my site and showed me how client's experience my message and my copy! That alone was invaluable. Her quick tips on how to enhance my copy and make it pop were brilliant. And, she made me feel like all y work on my site wasn't in vain by complimenting me on the copy I'd already had. I highly recommend Misha if you're looking for honest feedback on your copy and useful tips on how to enhance the impact of your copy. Mercedes Samudio, Parent Coach


My mind is on fire.

My body took an adrenaline shot.

"Why?" might you ask.

I just had a consultation with Misha Hettie to have my Sales Page butt-lift-reviewed.

Or that's what I thought...

What I didn't know is that I would be getting out of our 1:1 with a punctiliously refined action plan (for my marketing campaign), an ingeniously prescribed business plan (for the upcoming steps ahead), an accountability police officer, and a mind and business soulmate.

I had a 30 minutes super intense workout right after that. 
But I would have easily gone 3x more intense to contain all the cleverness and energy Misha infused in every neuron and synapse of my brain.

- Yasmine Charif