Blog Besties - One Year of Designer Blogging!

Blog Besties - One Year of Designer Blogging!


All the resources you need to blog successfully in one delightful package -

Build your SEO, client relationships, and authority. You'll have the support you need to grow your business and impress your ideal customers. 

Come on in - you'll bring your ideas and your laptop, I'll bring the perfect blog ideas. 


Here's what past Blog Besties had to say:


You have really helped me find my voice. I'm excited to continue to develop it. Some how knowing you will set your eyes on it and make the tweaks needed has given me the freedom to write as myself. THANK YOU! You're like my safe zone! - Lenora D.

OMG Misha!!! I <3 you!!! I need to revise my list of ten subjects and I may just have a blog! - Marsha T. 

I have no idea if this is coincidence or not, but the blog that I wrote Monday at "camp" and posted today has been retweeted twice. In an hour since posting. And my blogs have never been retweeted before. Happy! Thank you Misha! I have to say, I've never in my life knocked out a blog so quickly. Thank you! - Jenn P.

Thanks Misha - you exceeded my expectations and made it so easy. 

I ADORE YOU! - Kathleen J. 


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Your Blog Besties subscription begins the day you sign up and continues for 52 weeks total. You'll be getting the work DONE all the way through next YEAR. 

Your purchase includes a social sharing schedule, blogging best practices instruction, and access to video training for one blog post each week. Busy with meetings or out of town? No worries - you can write your blog post at your leisure!

By purchasing this product, you indicate you understand that Uncommonly Good Biz does not and cannot guarantee any particular result for your business. While we will use our best professional efforts to achieve a successful outcome, we make no expressed or implied guarantee. You are solely responsible for your business decisions, and no refunds will be granted.

The I'm cool if you're cool policy - I want you to succeed and would never take advantage of you, and I expect the same courtesy in return. Abuse of Blog Besties or Uncommonly Good intellectual property - ie sharing of videos with non-Besties) is grounds for dismissal from Blog Besties without refund.