Biz Strategy Sessions

Communications & Clarity


You KNOW you're capable of so much more, but you're just not sure what that looks like. You've tried to put yourself out there before, and it almost felt like it was working, but somehow, something felt off, things didn't take off like you'd hoped, and it all fell apart. 

Maybe you're ready to move forward in your current endeavor, or maybe you're ready to chuck it all and move to the nearest forest. Maybe you love what you what you do so much it hurts your heart, or maybe it's time to break up with your biz and you just want to talk out what that looks and feels like for you. Or maybe - just MAYBE - you feel like you're doing everything right, but the sales numbers just aren't where they could be. 

No matter your situation, I've got your back. I'm equal parts great listener, intelligent question-asker, and whip-cracking leader. Here's what one client had to say about her Biz Strategy sessions:

"Lost. Overwhelmed. Defeated. These were just a few words I’d use to describe my pre-Misha coaching sesh. I’ve owned multiple businesses, had many creative projects, and have a great network…but I never found my “fit.” I’d been following Misha and her business online for a few years, and her messages always rang true to me. There was a connection…I knew if I ever needed a business guru, it was going to be her. Well the time finally came where I was ready to make my leap back into the world of “creative entrepreneur” and contacting Misha for Clarity Coaching was the best freaking decision I’ve ever made in regards to my overall business and personal goals. We chatted for a bit…she let me give her every pain-staking detail of what I thought was relevant from my past, my current issues and passions, and my future goals. She patiently worked through many scenarios for my business until we reached the perfect fit for ME. Unfortunately this is NOT common place. Many people that say they will help you, don’t truly put themselves in your shoes. They see everything through their own eyes. NOT Misha. She said that when we got to “the good stuff” she could see my eyes light up…she said I was visibly excited. I’m excited to see what the future holds, ecstatic to have a game plan, and lucky I found someone like Misha to put in my corner. You won’t regret putting her in your corner either." - Brandi D.

We go over everything - soup to nuts. Your profit plan, your packages, your ideal client, your past, what's worked and what hasn't, your future, your FEELINGS (feelings matter, yo!), and more. There are actionable steps to accomplish the growth you're looking for in there, too, not just fluff and cheerleading.

Depending upon your situation, you can choose from:

  • five serious AND soul-satisfying sessions - this is perfect if you need support for creating a new product or crafting an entirely new endeavor ($1500)
  •  three insanely productive sessions - if you've got some parts and pieces in place, but it's just not coming together ($900)
  • a single brain-smushingly fantastic session - when you need a bit of polish and you know it won't take long. Sixty minutes of exploration and decision-making will get you where you need to be. ($300)


Biz Strategy Sessions are perfect for you if you're looking for direction, brainstorming, problem solving, and a PLAN to succeed.

"You know that feeling you get when you’re rocking your favorite outfit, your eyeliner is ON POINT, and you’re having the most incredible hair day? That’s what Misha did for my business.

I came to Misha with a really big project—revamp my website, branding, and service offerings to fit the direction I really wanted my business to go. My previous bootstrapping and piecemeal efforts had landed me a little in the weeds. Misha helped me take a hard look at everything, suggested a bunch of changes for me to make, and worked with me to come up with a cohesive strategy for moving forward. The best part? It all feels even MORE authentically me than before we began.

Before Misha’s help, I had occasionally gotten compliments on my website and copy. Now, though, I hear them all the time. And my new clients say that they really felt like I was talking specifically to THEM—touching on all of their pain points and leading to them hiring me more quickly and confidently." - Dixie Willard,


These sessions probably are NOT right for you if you're  really uncomfortable with the idea of work and showing up in your business, and would rather a shoulder to cry on than a hard shove in the right direction - there are many other great folks out there who'd love to help you with that. Me? I push. Hard. 

Want to see if we're a good fit?

Contact me HERE and we'll have an honest, no BS conversation about how I can (or can't! I mean, anything is possible!) help you.