how to grow engagement on social media - facebook especially!

Struggling to keep your audience engaged?

You know it, I know it - the struggle is real. With wonky algorithms, ever-changing rules, and attention-spans the size of a flea, keeping your audience warm and receptive to your messages is ROUGH. 

There's a really easy solution, though. Rather than thinking of your social media as a place to dump content (even if it's A-MAZ-ING content!) and run, you've got to think of it as a conversation. 

When you go out with friends, the BEST conversations are the ones that flow back and forth - you ask what's new with them, they tell you a funny story, you share a time the same thing happened to you, they inquire about your family... and so on and so forth until four bottles of wine have disappeared and everyone's happy and all chatted out, right?

Treat your audience like they're your friends - ask them questions. Get involved in the back and forth. Communication - and FUN! - is the key to big time engagement and big time results. 

Not sure where to start? Get this free guide on 100+ questions you can ask your social media audience to get the conversation started. You might just have more fun with social than you ever thought possible. 


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