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Clarity - Like WHOA.

So you've been working on your business, and trying out idea after idea after idea. Like ALL OF THEM. And you're sick of all the choices, and tactics, and tips, and tricks, and screw-ups, and YouTube videos telling you how to fix those screw-ups, and... and... and...

You're ready to discuss the meat and potatoes of your offerings with someone who GETS you - someone who can make a plan that sets you up for success STAT. 

Hey, guess what - I'm that someone. And I'm here to help you build an Uncommonly Good Biz. 

Your message - but better.

You are a whiz at what you do, and you know exactly who you live to serve. Oh, and you think it's pretty cool that you get to make money while you're at it. 

BUT... You're no great shakes when it comes to telling people about your zone of genius, and when you think about shouting out your real point of view? You'd rather pee your pants in a room full of third graders (because they're all gonna point and laugh at you anyway!) You're ready to bust out BIG, but you know you need H to the E to the L to the P. 

So what's a savvy business person to do? Simple - find the company that will turn your kinda-baked plans and blah words into a clear and beautiful selling machine. And you know what, savvy business person? You found me. I'm right here. 


Hi, I'm Misha.

Your new biz bestie.

Your new         Biz Bestie - that's me.

I'm Misha, the HCIC (that's Head Chick In Charge) behind Uncommonly Good Biz. 

"Misha's brainy, bossy, and fun, but super serious about your biz. She often cuddles up with her Roget's Thesaurus and never ever took a shower without having 347 mind-blowingly awesome business ideas. Her secret super power is taking YOUR voice and turning it into cohesive sales super copy, and she delights in helping creative entrepreneurs find their way so they can sound good, look great, and make money online." 

- this blurb written in third person so you KNOW it's legit.

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“So awesome I literally can't even."”

— All of my clients ever. Srsly.


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