Blog Post Secrets - tips for writing a blog post your ideal clients WANT to read

When you start out blogging for your biz, it's hard to know what to write about.

Here are tips for writing a blog post your ideal clients actually WANT to read.

This is the kind of stuff that makes people curious, educates them, and leaves them feeling all warm and cozy with trust.

And that, by the way, is exactly what you want from your communications. Every single piece should help them know you, like you, and trust you so they can *drumroll please!* HIRE YOU.

This blog post style is a top fave for two reasons - one, that curiosity factor. If you write your title line right, it will be almost irresistible for them to click it. Two, it inherently builds the relationship, because what you're giving them is something no one else will - an inside scoop.

Tips for writing a blog post your ideal clients actually WANT to read!


Now that I've got you all curious and chomping at the bit, I'll tell you -

The topic is SECRETS.

People LOOOOOOVE intrigue. Why do you think soap operas run forever and ever? It's because they're using storytelling (and open loops - which we can talk about another day) and intrigue to get you interested and keep you what's coming next. In other words, they get you hooked.

Here's how you use that type of hook in your own blog posts -


Think of a topic that people in your industry don't usually want their clients to know.

  • Is it a little known shopping source?
  • Is it a way to save big money by using a hush-hush tip?
  • Is it a trick or formula or recipe that speeds up your process?
  • That's a PERFECT example of the kind of secret to give away.

Now, some people think they'll be giving away all their trade secrets and no one will hire them, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

How do I know? Simple. I give away all of my best information on copywriting and branding and business in general on a daily basis and guess what? I still have clients.

Also, the knowledge is out there. The internet is a vast place full of everything you could ever want or need to know. If the person reading your tip is simply hoarding the information you give them, whatever.

Think of how many of those Tasty videos you've watched in your facebook feed. Are you a chef by now? No, you're not, and neither am I. I've watched dozens of those videos and I've yet to use the information from a single one. I still like knowing it's out there, though, and Tasty still gets my click/eyeballs/attention on every one.

Finally, if someone was going to take that information and use it against you, they were never going to be your client anyway. And that's ok - you're not for everyone.

So yeah.

Think of a REAL industry secret, and tell your audience about it.

In your title, be sure to let them know you're letting them in on a great secret by calling it something like, "The best XYZ secrets you need to know now!" or "5 insider secrets the XYZ industry doesn't want you to know!"

Intro the post by explaining that not many people know this secret, but it's killer and you or your clients have used it to get XYZ result.

Next, add the body of the post - all those juicy secrets. Make sure the content is good and not something everyone and their Aunt Helen knows - "Insider secrets on how to lose that baby weight once and for all!" should not be, "Eat less and exercise more!" - that kind of nonsense will LOSE you trust.

Oh, and always remember - close the post with a strong call to action. Once these people are feeling that warm, fuzzy trust, you're in the position for a small ask - to like your facebook page, or get on your list, maybe. Better yet, ask them to Pin it so they can remember it and use it later when the time comes. Make sure you've got a Pin-worthy graphic so you can make the most of that!


Sound good? Now go try it out and use that intrigue factor to your advantage. Send me a link if you like - I read and appreciate every email I receive.


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Thanks a bunch! Now, go build yourself an Uncommonly Good Biz -


PS - this formula works for email messages, too - I personally can't stop myself from reading emails with insider info. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it got the email opened, too!

Misha Hettie