The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Write For Your Biz

Hey, biz bestie!

Do you ever have the sinking feeling that what you write - your emails, your blog posts, whatever - is kinda meaningless? Not only does it feel like a total drag to write, it's even worse when you share the content and it falls flatter than your Aunt Marjorie's terrible souffles. (Marjorie never was much of a baker, was she? Pity.)

I get it. I've TOTALLY been there. Sometimes I know I need to connect, to message, to make sure that people don't forget me (because if you're not consistently messaging, they WILL), but I. Just. Can't. You know what I mean?

Here are some reasons why this might be happening to you, and then a few ideas on how you can kick this gross I-Hate-Writing feeling for good. (Oh, and make sure you read alllllll the way down to find out THE MOST IMPORTANT THING you'll ever write.)

Forget the hacks_ and start with WHY - this is the MOST IMPORTANT THING you'll ever write for your biz. uncommonly good biz.


ONE. You're out of the habit.

When you don't write often, it feels difficult every time you try. Just like going to the gym or learning a foreign language, writing is a skill that requires practice, and if you're not workin' it, you're going to feel rusty whenever you do decide to show up and bust something out.

Remedy: Set a schedule for writing times. Heck, if you want to, create a support group - everyone in my Blog Besties group knows there's an expectation that they'll have a post done and ready to go once a week, and guess what - waaaaaay more often than not, that shhhh gets DONE.

So decide on a non-negotiable appointment to write, invite friends (if you like), get a hot cuppa coffee, and write your face off at the same time every week.

Bonus points for those over-achievers who do this even MORE than once a week - you get stronger every time you show up, right?


TWO. What you're writing isn't right... for you.

The other day, I heard a "Facebook hack" - pardon me while I roll my eyes - that said your posts are more likely to show up in peoples' feeds if you're talking about a trending topic. That sounded like something I'd like to test out, so I scrolled through the trending topics to see what I could use as testing fodder.

SHOCKER. A politician said something stupid. A reality television "star" has a new beauty product for sale. And a has-been B-list actor officially apologized for an insensitive tweet.

I thought for a minute about how I could incorporate something into a status update just to test the idea out. None of these things are aligned with my brand or my values, though. It would be uphill work and it would feel off to both me and my peeps, so ultimately, I rejected it.

A lot of times people will tell you, "Oh, you MUST make a post about XYZ - it's the hottest trend right now!" or "Don't forget to tell your subscribers XYZ - EVERYONE is doing it." Much in the manner of, "If your friends were all jumping off a cliff, would you do it, too?", you need to check yourself and see if it's right for you and your brand first.

If it is, then by all means, jump.

But if IT - whatever the "hack" is - feels bad? It's probably a sign that it's not right for you.

Remedy: Listen to your gut. If you're writing something just because you *think* you should, but it feels BAD, then make like Frankie Goes to Hollywood and RELAX - don't do it. (This doesn't go for website copy or sales pages - if those feel BAD, then hire someone awesome - ahem! - because some stuff HAS to get done.)


THREE. You're not connected with your REAL why.

Listen up, kemosabe. This is the most important thing you're ever going to write. Your WHY statement. I don't mean, "I went into business because I have human offspring/pet chinchillas/a lot of Venus fly-traps, and they need FOOD, which costs MONEY, so I have to do WORK" why, I mean, WHY YOU, WHY THIS, WHY NOW?

Why are you different than others who do what you do? Why did you choose this business and why do you do it your way?

And why should people pick you NOW, instead of in the future, someday, when they have the money for such luxury (whatever it is you provide, someone out there thinks it's a luxury)?

As soon as you can answer all three of these questions with a really solid, well-thought out reason, you can weave this into everything you write. Why am I writing this post to you? Well, I could add to the giant pile of meaningless fluff on the internet, but I'm here because I want to teach you to write-speak-communicate and SELL better every day.

Why? Because it's important to me to support entrepreneurs.

Why? Because your entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, but sometimes it takes a person like me to fan the flames.

Why? Because I believe in you and what you do, and I want to help you reach your goals.

Why? Because I've been stuck in crappy jobs and crappy situations, and was fortunate enough to meet and learn from really smart people and dig my way out, and I'm now able to do the same for others.

Why? Because I freakin' love my business and my life and want the same for each and every person who's ready to go out there and get it for themselves, too.

Get it? So now...

Remedy: Write your WHY statement. Take up a whole page or two. Remember to explain Why you do what you do, Why you chose this business, Why you do it in your specific way, and Why people should choose YOU. Save this document for yourself, or turn it into a really fantastic piece and share it with your audience. When people understand your WHY statement, it really sets you apart and makes you the obvious choice when people are ready for you.


PHEW! That was an unexpectedly long post, but you know what? Writing it FLEW BY because I have good writing habits, I know my brand and message, and I'm really connected with my WHY statement.

Imagine! Your messages could be just the same if you incorporate these tips into your writing, too.

You want writing to be effortless, right? Now get out there and DO IT, will ya??!

Go make your day Uncommonly Good,

- Misha

PS - Want to go the extra mile? 

WAIT! Before you ever pick up a pen...

Consider these questions before you start writing your next post, email, or status update so you can make the MOST out of every word you write.

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