How to write social media marketing updates your fans won't ignore!

Grab a cuppa coffee and pull up your coziest blanket - it's story time. 

This story is called A Tale of Two Social Media Marketing Updates.

(My apologies to Dickens.)

Once upon a time, there was a small business owner who was trying to stand out and get non-crappy clients. We'll call her Sally. Sally's business is a bakery for dogs. She sells biscuits and treats to pet owners who love to pamper their pups. 

One day, Sally sat down and wrote social media marketing updates (can we just call it a post? Ok, a post) for her facebook page and felt pretty good about them. The first one was informative and even had a strong call to action. 

But then... no one responded. 

No likes. 

No comments.

No clicks. 

Sally felt sad, Didn't anyone care about her business? Didn't they want the information she was putting out? She saw that Rachel from the cat bakery down the street had written a similar post and it got a TON of response. What happened? See for yourself...


The first post is this one:

"Hey! I just wanted to tell you all about my newest product! I've created a new recipe - it's got peanut butter and sweet potatoes, so I even tried it myself and it tastes great! I make them daily, so they're right here at The Barkery just waiting for ya!

PS - My Golden Retriever Baxter just LOVES these treats - I wrote a blog post about the whole thing and it's right here. I'd love for you to come learn all about it, so click on over!"


Hm. It's kind of interesting. I mean, this lady eats the dog treats herself, so... that's something. BUT do you see what she's done wrong?

I'm not gonna tell you - but I WILL show you the second post - an edited version of the same message that works SO much better - so you can see for yourself. 


"Hey, pet parent! Does your favorite furry friend deserve a treat? Of COURSE they do! 

You want to treat them, but you want to keep them healthy, too, right? 

We've created just the thing for you - organic Baxter Biscuits made with real sweet potato and banana. Everything in these is human-grade, so you know they're safe, high-quality goodies for your pup. (Remember - You can get Baxter Biscuits fresh every morning at the Barkery - we're located at 123 Fake Street!)

Does your dog already love our treats? Share a photo of them in the comments below - we love to see our furry fans!"*

(Insert photo of the adorable Baxter, of course!)

Baxter, obviously. 

Baxter, obviously. 


OK. Do you see the number one difference between post one and post two? Obviously, I changed a LOT but the key points are still the same. 

There's a new dog biscuit available.

It's fresh and healthy and made with sweet potato and banana. 

It's at The Barkery. 


The #1 difference is YOU vs. I. 

how to write social media marketing updates your fans will love - uncommonly good biz.png

Do you really care about Sally herself? Probably not. I mean, she's a swell gal and all, but that first post is all about HER, not about the product or (MOST IMPORTANTLY) what the product means to YOU. 

You DO care about yourself and your dog, though. 

By turning the focus of ALL your social media marketing updates from "I am Sally and I made this new thing" to "You have problem x, y, and z, and here's the solution!", you immediately get their attention and start convincing them that your product is a good choice for them. 

The next time you go to write some posts for social, just WRITE 'em - however they comes out - and then go back and edit.

Ask yourself - are these social media marketing updates focused on ME, the business owner? Or are they focused on my client and the problem they need a solution for?

A simple way to do this is to see how many times you use the word "I" and how many times you use the word "you". (So far, I'm at 15 "I"s counting Sally's stuff, and 33 "YOU"s. Now 34.) The YOUs should outweigh the Is by far. 

(*Oh, and choosing an appropriate call to action doesn't hurt either, but that's another story for another day.)


Give it a shot and see your responses and engagement skyrocket. Sound good? Great. 

Still not sure how to make this work? If you've got a specific piece of writing you're struggling with, you hate the thought of writing social media marketing updates in general, or you're just not sure how to incorporate a YOU focus into your messaging, let's work it out. Power Hour Sessions are right here and they're TOTALLY what you need to get on track (and I won't even make you taste organic dog biscuits.)

Until next time!

- Misha

Misha Hettie