Well, are you? I hope your answer is, "Um, YES, OBVIOUSLY I am better than a gas station hot dog."

But I gotta tell you, sunshine, sometimes what you're putting out there doesn't sound like you actually believe it!

Let me back up for a second. It's STORY TIME. 

I was out and about this morning, grabbing a coffee, dropping off some mail at the post office, putting gas in the car... and the whole time I'm thinking about growing business, and the POWER OF A GREAT MESSAGE and why can't more people STEP UP and SAY WHAT THEY NEED TO SAY? Why is it when they get in front of their keyboard or video camera they freeze up and talk like mewling kitties instead of SPEAKING OUT and SELLING LIKE TIGERS?

And then I saw this sign. 

Ladies and gents, that's not a gas station hot dog, no no no. 


Now, let's talk this through. 

You and I both know three things - this is a gas station. That's just a hot dog. And it's probably STILL NOT DELICIOUS. 


There are tons of people out there who will see this, be intrigued, and BUY THE FREAKIN' THING. 

So good for you, gas station marketing team. Good job describing this item in a new and interesting way, and good job grabbing my attention. 

OK, so how about YOU? What product or service are you offering that you're still just describing as a plain ol' hot dog?

And HOW CAN YOU CHANGE things up to turn it into a fabulous offering that makes your ideal clients salivate?

It's dead easy. Instead of talking about your products and services in the easiest, most common way, you OFFER PEOPLE THE BEST POSSIBLE RESULT. 

You're a massage therapist? Then you're offering an hour of spectacular bliss and relaxation unparalleled. 

You're a business coach? Then your program will help people get results faster than they even thought possible - results SO incredible their fathers will finally cry tears of pride. 

You're a social media specialist? Then your services will produce a list of fans who are positively giddy to like, share, and comment on your clients' offerings, and every post will be more clever than Taco Bell. 

Get what I'm saying?

How to know what you really offer

If you're not communicating your message in a way that's consistent, interesting and BOLD, you are missing opportunities left, right and center. 

So I'll ask again - are you better than a gas station hot dog? ANNNNND are you presenting yourself that way on your site and in your media?

If your answer is YES, then you go, you cherrywood smoked bacon sausage, you!

If your answer is NO, then you should probably take the time to figure out why the heck not. 

Need support on this? I am putting the finishing touches on my Uncommonly Good Communications course, but in the meantime I can help you one-on-one.

Go here and get a Strategic Copy Consultation. In sixty lightning-fast minutes, we'll go over the copy on the top five pages of your site and your main forms of social media. We'll find all the holes, dead areas and boring spots where people fall out of love with you. 

You'll walk away with pages and pages of notes on what you can fix IMMEDIATELY to clear up confusion, appeal to the people that matter and get you back on track to dollars dollars dollars. 

Let's get together and make your biz Uncommonly Good in no time. No need to roll around on the gross hot dog warmer of a boring business any longer - people will want more more MORE of you and you won't even have to wear a bun. 

Misha Hettie