The TOP SECRET selling words you need to know - they're not what you think

Ahoy there!

Here's a quickie - and it's a GOOD one.

If you're having problems getting people interested in your email opt-in offer (or any copy, really, but this is a great place to start) you need to watch your language!

Nah, I don't mean if you cuss, they'll wash your mouth out with soap.

words that boost sales


I mean if you're using industry jargon or confusingly weird terms, you're gonna lose 'em before you ever had 'em.

Remember - the people who NEED you don't know as much you do, and that includes industry specific language.

I know, I know - it's HARD to forget what you know and write in a vernacular your peeps understand. You MUST, though, or more often than not, perfect prospects will scroll on by (instead of jumping on your red hot offer! Sad panda!)

How do you remedy this?

Three tips -

1. Speak plainly.

When you've only got a limited amount of space to work with - like in a facebook ad or on a landing page, clear beats cute. So no wasting characters on stuff like "Sad panda!" or using twenty-five cent words like "vernacular" - save all that goodness for email campaigns or blog posts instead.

2. Don't use jargon.

You might know what the greatest peer-reviewed CRM tool for real estate agents who need list-segmentation capability!) but the people looking for this info are probably not thinking in those terms. They might just want sales and email software that's easy to learn. Break it down and keep the jargon out.

3. Spy on your ideal clients.

If you're wondering, "what DO people search when they need me?" there's a surprisingly low-tech way to see. You can go to Facebook (let's face it - you were there anyway) and find out what words your ideal clients use by reading their posts / groups / etc about your topic. This is something I do when I'm answering objections in a sales page - I join a well-populated Facebook group for a similar product or service and then I get to work noting what questions people have, the objections they bring up, and the actual specific words in the posts - simple, right? Simple but EFFECTIVE.

All right, champ - you know what to do now. Need help with the whole copy thing? Get 90 minutes of laser-focused copy therapy right here.  

Otherwise, get out there and go back to building your Uncommonly Good Biz!

- Misha

Misha Hettie