Want to Attract Dream Clients?

Want to get only dreamy clients? The ones who are always on time, sign contracts without complaints, and spend the exact amount you want them to?

how to attract dream clients

If you've ever wondered why you keep getting clients who blow off your meetings, dicker about every clause of your contract, and then only spend the absolute minimum while moaning that they "had NO IDEA that this would be SO EXPENSIVE!!!", I'm telling you RIGHT NOW, Starshine. This is why:

If you don't know exactly who your absolutely ideal client is and you're not talking to them in the way they understand, you will never, ever get them to book with you and love your business.

Think of it this way - if you're going fishing (and I really tried to make this a shopping metaphor but couldn't, so endure the fish story, please) for bluefin tuna and you cast a huge net all willy-nilly without knowing exactly where the tuna schools hang out, you could wind up with some bluefin in your net, sure. But you're more likely to wind up with two mackerel, a dolphin, a boot and a random surfboard.

In order to be a successful fisherman, you need to first decide that BLUEFIN TUNA is what you're looking for. After that, you research where the bluefin tunas are - do they hang out in rivers? The Indian Ocean? Off of Newport Harbor? Then you find out what they like for bait. Then you get the right equipment and THEN you set sail and attempt to catch yourself a future sandwich.

What if you ran your business like a true fisherman would?

Would you keep casting out the net of "You look cool - hire me! Oh, hey, I can do whatever that guy can (but don't look at my website because it's messed up at the moment) - just trust me! Bite-sized pricing! - I'll work with anyone and anything for any teeny tiny price you wanna pay me! "


Or would you decide that you want Alison, age 32, with a lawyer husband named Brian and 2 kids, Matt and Abbie, huge fan of J. Crew style, Pilates fanatic, who really wants to hire someone to solve her XYZ problem, but is a little bit overwhelmed by the decision making process - oh, and by the way, she spends quite a bit of free time on Facebook and Pinterest and she's really close with her whole mastermind group and is very likely to refer you if she loves you.

If you picked Alison, you could then go on to create a great service just for her where the medium package (which is priced at $950, your sweet spot) includes a personalized consultation where you showcase the exact XYZ she's dreaming of.

Then, you'd make a really eye catching, modern J. Crew-esque image for your Facebook business page sharing all the details about said service. You could go one step further and print the image out and take it to area Pilates studios (if you're local) and ask if there's somewhere you can display it.

Or you could even decide that since you know a lot of people just like Alison work at USAA, you could advertise a USAA special - employees get a free groovy little upsell like an extra chunk of time, or a cute add-on item.


Voila. You're no longer fishing in the dark.

Just by deciding you're fishing for Alisons, you've got your equipment (that primo service), your bait (personalized consultation to soothe her decision-paralysis), and even prime locations to fish for her (Facebook, Pilates studios, USAA).

Will this guarantee you catch her? NO. But it makes it a hell of a lot easier. (And you know who won't take this bait? Angry contract-hating Client-from-hell-Bertha who thinks $950 is highway robbery - so you'll never even have to deal with her!)

OK, if you're still with me at the end of all that, I owe you a big treat. Anyone care for a tuna fish sandwich?

(Of course, if you want help with this exercise, you know where to find the exact program to walk you through step by step.)

Now, go think about who you're going fishing for so you, too, can build an Uncommonly Good Biz!

- Misha


Misha Hettie