How To Name Your Email Opt In Offer (So People Actually WANT It.)

Hey there, champ!

Remember when you'd pick a fight with your sibling, and your mom would make you apologize, only instead of a meaningful apology, you'd sneer, "SAWWWWREEE. What? I SAID I was SORRY!"

And then you'd get into even more trouble than you already were in?

Chances are good your mama said, "It's not what you SAID, it's HOW you said it."

And that applies here, too.

You've go to figure out how to phrase what your opt-in is so people actually WANT it.

How to name an email opt in offer

No one wants another PDF. Trust me.

But they DO want you to give them the steps to solving a problem so they can have an end result.

15 page PDF where they learn the essentials of creating a new visual brand?


A mini-workbook with easy-to-implement strategies so they can get their branding right the first time (even if they have no graphic design experience at all!)?

YUP - sign me up.

The differences between those two descriptions aren't major, but they make a BIG impact.

What steps can you take to describe your opt in better and snag all those cool new subscriber-friends?

First, sell the benefit NOT the features.

Who cares if it's a 15 page PDF? I wanna know what I can GET from this thing - what has it done for me lately? - and what change it will make in my biz-life.

Next, ditch the word "learn"

Learning is not sexy. Having the actual result of that learning, on the other hand? Bow-chicka-bow-wow - that's sexy!

Finally, overcome objections right away

You already know the number one reason people believe it won't work for them - maybe they think it takes too long, or it costs too much, or they've tried other methods and they all stunk up the joint. Whatever that number one objection is, you can easily defeat it by letting your reader know, "Hey, I know you're thinking a visual brand costs BIG BUCKS, but that's not a problem - with this guide, you can get the brand elements you need about for less than $15!" Voila. Objection overcome. Curiosity piqued. Subscriber subscribed.

OK, friend, I hope that helps you see this in a whole new light.

Need help creating an opt-in so whiz-bang hot people can't HELP but subscribe? Get a one-hour strategy session HERE and we'll knock it out together. 

Misha Hettie