Get CLEAR With Your Copy - Do it like Denny's.

In my line of work, I visit and critique a lot of websites - I mean a LOT.

It's to the point where I can't even help myself. If the communication isn't crystal-flippin'-clear, it irritates me and I can't stop thinking about it.

One place many people mess this up is their products / services.

Either they leave it off entirely and I have to go hunting around to find exactly what it is they do, or it's there but it's so vague I'm still left thinking, "YEAH, but what does this MEAN - do you offer the specific thing I'm looking for or are you just trying to be Joe All-Purpose over here?" *

(* hint * If you're trying to be Joe All-Purpose (AKA everything to everyone), you've failed, but we'll talk about that another day.)

Back to the services page, though. Your task du jour is to go to your services page and make sure it explains what you do and that it's crystal flippin' clear.

how to write a services menu

When you're reading it, I want you to ask yourself - is this is as clear as a diner menu?


There are no secrets at a diner. There's no "Uh, is this burger stuffed with goat cheese? Will there be capers on the side?" It's CLEAR AS CAN BE.

Breakfast section =

Eggs - scrambled, fried, sunny side up. PERIOD.

This level of clarity benefits the reader AND the service provider.

Do you think diner patrons ever say, "Hey, I don't see any Eggs Benedict here, but I'm a special snowflake, and I only ever eat poached eggs with hollandaise, so I'm going to need you to make me some of that. K THX BYE."

NO. They don't.

Everything that diner does is spelled out. Expectations are set. You know what you're going to get and you're happy when you do.

If your products and services menu is just like that - clear! and! spelled! out! - your clients will behave accordingly, too.

No more asking for extra hours of your time. No more confusion over whether they're getting the large or the small or the pink or the green or the whoozits or the whatzits.

Get it?

OK, go check your site and see if it makes sense to you. THEN (bonus gold stars if you do this!!!) ask a friend who only kinda knows what you do if they can look over it, too. Buy 'em a coffee for their troubles. And LISTEN HARD to what they tell you.

That's all for now, my friend. Thanks for reading - I appreciate you.

Go build yourself an Uncommonly Good Biz!

- Misha

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PPS Wondering what kind of eggs I order at a diner? It's kind of embarrassing because it's childish and slightly trashy but I trust you so I'll tell you - scrambled. With a TON of ketchup on them. Told you it was bad.

Misha Hettie