Want a Quick Tip for Writing Better Web Copy? Become Irresistible!

When you're writing copy for your website, it's EASY to fall into the trap of just giving the bare-bones information about yourself and then waiting for the dollars to roll in. Only... they don't. No one calls. No one emails. The gaggle of enthusiastic new clients and customers you thought you'd have to beat off with a stick never shows up...

What the heck happened?

Here's what went wrong with your web copy and how to fix it...

how to write better copy for your website


Have you ever had a conversation with someone who wouldn't SHUT UP about themselves?

"I went to XYZ school. I like to salsa dance. I never wear green polo shirts. I lost fifteen pounds. I don't... I like... I want... I think... I... I... I..."

It's enough to make you want to yell, "HELLO, conversation is a two way street, mister! What say we talk about ME for a minute???"

Your readers feel the SAME WAY. When they stumble upon your site, or see a bit of copy you've sent out into the high seas of social media, and it's 100% "I - me - my" oriented, they will tune you out, or worse, unfollow you altogether.

The next time you sit down to write, instead of phrasing every single sentence with the I orientation, remember to make some (at least 50%, if not 75%) the YOU orientation.

Instead of:

"I want to teach you acrobatics. I love acrobatics, and I've studied acrobatics for many years, and because of this, I know that acrobatics are great for improving flexibility and strength. My method of learning acrobatics is 100% proven, and I will even promise you..."

Your copy becomes:

"Do you want to improve your flexibility and strength? Have you ever thought of trying acrobatics? When you learn this method of acrobatics, you're taking a 100% proven course designed to make you stronger, more lithe, and way better at acrobatic-like-activity in general. I've studied acrobatics for years, and my students love it, so you will, too!"

See how much more appealing and conversational that is? Instead of sounding like an I-focused jerk, you become a person they want to engage with and learn more from, because it seems like you care about THEM.

So give it a shot and tell me what you think! My clients love this, so you will, too!*

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Misha Hettie