Setting your 2018 goals? Start here.

Hey there, business bestie!

Let me guess - you're starting to think about setting your 2018 goals, right?

I mean. Your 2017 was OK... but your 2018 is going to be EPIC!

You're going to DO ALL THE THINGS and really kick it into high gear and you're gonna do everything RIGHT starting in... January?

Friend, you can't do that. I mean, you CAN, but success takes time. Heck, even getting people to notice you and take you seriously takes time!

Here are ten things you can do NOW to make sure you hit the ground RUNNING and smash those 2018 goals (instead of waiting to catch up.)

Setting your 2018 goals - Ten things you can do NOW to make sure you smash your 2018 goals! uncommonly good biz.png


1. Review your packages and pricing. 

Are you offering what you REALLY want to sell? Is it organized in a way that makes sense? And is it priced for profit? Get these ducks in a row before you go any further.

2. Optimize your website. 

Does it function? Like, every page is visible, every link works, your shopping cart's not busted, etc. Next, does it SELL? How's your copy? What pages need help? LAST (but not least) - is it pretty? Ugly sites can sell, too, but you'll share it more often if you're proud of it.

3. Tune up your email strategy. 

Create your opt in, or jazz up an old one. Write a 3-5 email onboarding sequence and put it into place. Test it out to make sure there aren't any kinks. Need help? I've got some GREAT copywriter references for you.

4. Spiff up your Instagram. 

Set your profile up the right way and start collecting photos you'll share in the future. Take a day to go out and photograph stuff that's right for your aesthetic, or collect some appropriate stock. (Emphasis on appropriate). Do your hashtag research! (You could even start a trend with #2018goals, right?)

5. Collect social proof. 

So you've got one testimonial over here, then a nice note someone sent you in the mail, then a comment on your facebook page, and in your email, there's some client feedback... PUT IT ALL IN ONE PLACE - and then add it to your website. Hello, what's the point of having gold stars if you don't share them???

6. Send out some love. 

While we're on the topic, go leave love for other people. Share an awesome video from a biz buddy, leave a glowing testimonial for a vendor, write thank you notes or Christmas cards to valued clients. The best way to GET love is to send it out in the first place - it's crazy how it multiplies and comes back to you.

7. Write your editorial calendar. 

We all love fancy, pretty planners, but you know what? They don't do SHHHH for you - you have to do the work yourself. So take your pretty mermaid-colored 2018 notebook that says "HUSTLE!" on the front and actually DO THE WORK. It's tedious at first, but really not that hard. Plan your stuff in advance - YES, for the year! - so you're not running around like a chicken with its head cut off wondering what to talk about.

8. Practice your video skills!

I'm gonna beat you over the head with this until you get started. You NEED to get good at speaking, and there's no better, easier, cheaper way to do this than with video. Ready to try Live video? Even better. It's no risk, all reward, and it can be FUN.

9. Make new friends. 

You've heard the cheesy statement "You're the average of the five people you hang around most", right? Only it's not that cheesy because it's TRUE. If you hang out - even online - with people who are cheap, people who constantly complain, people who say nothing ever works for them? You'll start to feel the same way. It's just human psychology. Now, on the other hand, if you are friends with people who inspire you and push you to do better? It can turn your whole darn life around. So make better friends and move up.

10. Ditch the computer/phone every now and then. 

Go outside, take a yoga class, walk your dog - whatever. This whole "success" thing is truly a marathon, and you need to stretch your mind AND your body to make it work. Plan time each and every day to move and breathe and enjoy your life - you'll gain the energy it takes to stay the course and keep moving forward.

SO. There you have it. If you want to actually achieve your 2018 goals, there are ten things to tackle NOW instead of waiting for January 1. Pick them off one at a time and you'll start 2018 in a state of readiness instead of "OMGosh, what do I do nowwwww?" anxiety.

Need help with that email strategy or the website stuff? You know where to find me.

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Misha Hettie