How To Improve Your Social Media Presence - Really.


But not everyone is GOOD at it. More than ever before, you need your content to be EXCELLENT. 

Because if it's NOT, there will be no one to see it but you and the crickets, right?

Here are some QUICK TIPS you NEED TO KNOW. 

social media tips

Spell and punctuate correctly, and lay off the LIT AF BAE YOLO whatnot. I know I'm stating the obvious here - I KNOW IT. But nothing says "unlike me - I don't care about what I'm saying!" like simple errors. And inauthentic slang, while fun in, oh, text conversations that annoy your twelve year old, is not endearing long term. You're not buzzfeed, so you don't have to talk like that to get attention. If you wouldn't say it in real life, don't say it to be "hip".

CARE about your business and care about your content. 
People can smell a shill a mile away. If you don't want to even BE a hairstylist anymore, or you think writing status updates is dumb and not going to work for you, guess what? People will know. And you're right - IF YOU BELIEVE IT WON'T WORK FOR YOU, IT WON'T. 

And if you can't make 'em cry, make 'em laugh. The point here is to make your audience members FEEL. Think about the posts that get shared the most - is it stuff like, "We are having a sale on mopeds, you like mopeds, come buy a moped!" Heck no. It's videos of dancing babies and stories about dogs that find their owners after two years and 500 miles. 

If you have something to say, say it in an interesting way and people will care roughly 374% more. TELL A STORY. People love stories. "Hey there, sailor! Mopeds bring you all the chicks, so come on down and get yourself a red hot chick magnet TODAY!" is a lot more compelling than the first message, right? 

How about, "Lieutenant Sergeant Marty McGreevy, veteran of nine wars, came home to see his family for the first time in two years today, and they surprised him with the moped of his dreams. In honor of his service, we're having a one day Lieutenant McGreevy sale with a portion of the proceeds going towards paying off his moped - join us in giving back to this great guy!" Well, holy cow, you kind of want to buy a moped now, don't you?

(By the way, I should mention I'm not 100% sure what a moped is and I'm pretty sure there's no rank as lieutenant sergeant. Full disclosure on that.)

If you can't make em' cry, and you can't make 'em laugh, give them something interesting to look at. It can be a great photo, a cool graphic with text or if you really want to be on trend, a fun-to-watch video. Yes, you CAN step into video. No need to fear it.

"Well, I tried XYZ, but it didn't work for me, so *long, exaggerated sigh that makes me want to jump out a tenth story window* I guess that doesn't work anymore. HOW MANY TIMES DID YOU TRY IT? OK, so time for me to get mean here, but if you've tried it anything less than 100 times, or consistently for one full month, I don't want to hear this anymore. EVER. Got it? Things take TIME, and if you don't want to recognize that - if you want everything to just work on the first go - then you don't have a very good grasp on reality and you're going to be sorely disappointed in the business world. REMEMBER THIS - the Thighmaster is still for sale. It's not going gangbusters anymore, but SOMEONE IS STILL BUYING THIGHMASTERS, so don't come to me and say, "Photos of puppies are so 2014, that tactic doesn't work anymore". 

which brings me to number 6 - the MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL. 

You can learn all the tactics - in fact, you can fill up your entire DAY reading tips, tricks, tactics, hacks, and so on - but TACTICS WON'T DO THE WORK FOR YOU. If you know me at all, you KNOW what I'm about to say here, but WHAT WILL WORK is... (major drumroll here!) BEING YOURSELF AND COMMUNICATING IN AN AUTHENTIC AND BOLD WAY. Show the freak UP and DO THE WORK. I swear to you, it feels 532% less like work and more like fun if you're being yourself in your communications, so you won't even MIND discarding the tactic mindset and digging in for real. 

Want to be EXCELLENT? 

Tell the stories. Write as you speak (properly!). Make it interesting and cool to look at. NEVER STOP. And BE YOU. 

That's all you've really got to do. 

OH, and have I got I prezzie for you. There's ONE more way to be EXCELLENT at social media, and that, my friend, is to treat is NOT link a link-dumping-ground, but like a CONVERSATION. 

Not sure where to start? Here's that prezzie I mentioned - 100+ Questions for Facebook & Beyond. There's no better way to start warming up your audience than a question - you ask, they answer, good times ensue. 

So grab the guide, get to chatting, and build a following that ADORES you - it's right here and it's FREE -


Have an Uncommonly Good day!




Misha Hettie