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Right now you're like, "YES! I remember that because it happens every stinkin' week!" and "How did you know?"

I know because it happens to all of us, dollface. Good, bad, young, old - none of us are immune to the charms of Target.

I think I've figured out what their voodoo magic spell is - the thing that makes us buy MORE than we intended to and not even really feel bad about it. Want to know what it is?

It's super simple. They make is EASY for us to buy. The store is well lit, the aisles spaced wide enough to avoid cart collisions, there's often a Starbucks inside so we're already happy from the Flat White we're sipping, and the stuff we need is right next to an adorable photo frame or cotton candy candle in a supercute package.

This is all completely calculated, I'm sure. The Wizard of Target has created it this way so we have a great experience and spend more every. darn. time.

So how can you apply this sales magic to your business?

Step ONE - Determine all the sticky places in your transactions - and make them unsticky.

What are the places where clients have been frustrated or even just confused in the past? Is it your pricing system? Your policy of never selling a la carte items? The way you absolutely refuse to have sales meetings on Thursdays? I'm not saying you have to change your pricing or your policies but communicating them clearly again and again (and again!) will make the clients feel like they're in a well lit store - nothing dim or confusing to turn them off.

Step TWO - Give them the space to feel special.

There's a store that's similar to Target that I just WON'T shop at - you know the one I'm talking about - because I hate the experience. I feel like they treat their products and their employees AND their customers like a commodity - or cattle even - and every time I've been there, it gives me an icky feeling. Because it's poorly lit. Because the carts are wobbly and grimy and the aisles are just a little too tight to fit two carts passing each other.  Because the cashiers don't even make eye contact. Why would I want to shop there just to save .12 on paper towels? I refuse to run my business that way, and you should, too - treat every client like they're your only client. It's not hard or expensive to be genuinely happy to talk on the phone with them. It's not impossible to send them a thank you card after a session. And it's not too darn much to wish them a happy birthday on Facebook when you see it's their special day. These are tiny things - showing them YOU CARE makes a huge difference.

Step THREE - Make it pleasurable to work with you.

This is your chance to bring a latte into the equation. No, I mean literally. Got an early morning meeting? Bring your client a chai tea! There's no better way to warm up to one another (no pun intended) than by sharing a beverage. Leading your fitness clients through boot camp in the hot summer time? Have icy cold water bottles waiting in your car. Share your organic mosquito repellent while you're at it. And when you're having your big sales session, bring some fresh baked muffins or cupcakes or green smoothies to share.

Simple Psychology Tip! A hungry client is not going to spend a ton of money. A client sipping on their favorite beverage, though, will be in a much sunnier mood.

Step FOUR - Put their oh-so-cute wants right next to their actual needs.

No one NEEDS another necklace or a coffee table album of photos. But those are the products clients ooh and ah over. Find the thing that your clients WANT and put them with the stuff they need - if it's a USB with digital images that they feel like they need, but they just can't justify the $2000 cost, package it with the album that made them tear up and it's suddenly irresistible. If you want to sell more necklaces, but clients are wishy-washy about the price tag, package them with a pair of simple earrings (aka Great Gifts for Grandma!) and watch people's attitudes turn around.

See, we small business owners CAN use the magic that business giants create - we just have to decode it and fit it to our needs.  Simple steps to making your transactions run as smoothly as Target WILL make a big increase in your bottom line - I pinkie swear this is true. I know this works  - I've got a cart full of goodies and a latte to prove it.

Now that I've got Target's magic all spelled out, how are YOU going to use it in your business? Leave a comment here letting us know and share this with your Target-addicted friends- they'll be glad you cracked the spell for them!



Misha Hettie