Want to be Irresistible? You've got to change one simple thing...


Holy GEEZ, that was uncomfortable. And yes, I'm aware the sentence didn't even really make sense, but it was super hard to write because THAT'S NOT MY REAL VOICE. 

When I write a blog post, or a status update for social media, when I make a video for you, when I send out an email or create a blog post or even write a birthday card?

I write JUST like I speak. And you should, too. 

Why? Because when you show up as yourself - no matter the medium - you attract people who like you for you, people who dig your vibe, people who are going to be DREAM-TASTIC to work with. 

And when you DON'T show up and write/speak/sell as yourself, you attract... crickets. Well, either the crickets or the clients who are only here for the commodity and the price tag. Just so you know, BTW, those are the kind of clients that will put you through the ringer, demand way more than previously agreed upon, and then STILL ask for a refund. Why? Because to them you're just some THING, just THE MAN, just some faceless COMPANY, and let's face it - we all know that doing business with a company (I'm looking at YOU, my internet provider!!!) is terrible, so we almost go into the transaction looking for a fight.

Look at all the folks in your field who you really admire - you know, the cool kids you follow on Facebook. Chances are good that the ones you connect with the most are really, really comfortable in their voice whenever they post. 

From the sales leader who tells horrible jokes (but he know his stuff so well you kinda don't care about the puns!) to the design business coach who has a tendency to swear and tell off-color jokes but advice so priceless you don't even care, to the lifecoach who is super sparkly and not afraid to speak directly from his heart so you just want to listen to every single thing he has to say - all the people I simply can't get enough of have very distinct, interesting voices and people can't seem to get enough of them. 

Go check out your favorite peeps and see for yourself, and then give it a shot. 

Are you sarcastic? Do you love to make jokes? Are you an incredible storyteller? Whatever YOUR special sauce is, please do me AND YOURSELF AND YOUR BIZ a favor.


The VERY NEXT PIECE OF CONTENT you create? Create it in your voice, and then see how great  the response is  - you're going to be pleasantly surprised. 


Do me a favor, will you? If you've got a friend whose posts are... less than fun to read, shall we say, go ahead and share this with them. They'll appreciate the help, and you'll appreciate their newfound awesome writing!

Chat soon - 


Misha Hettie