Hey there, Design Biz Bestie!

I'll admit it. Blogging for your design business can be a total drag. 

First, you have to think of a topic. Hmmm... what will your audience actually CARE about? What do they want to read? Well, you could head on over to Pinterest for inspiration, but instead of a great topic, you'll get lost in that time-suck of mug cake recipes and Joanna Gaines knock-off DIYs...

OK, so you wrack your brain, and finally come up with an idea - a good one! 

Only... now you're not sure how to get started. And how long should this post be anyway? I mean, you've got client phone calls to return, and samples to select - every minute you futz around on this is another minute taken away from your ACTUAL business - the business of interior design!

Well, shoot. You consider skipping out on blogging altogether, but you know that if you do that, you can expect the following:


 - a fat drop in Google rankings

 - much lower visibility

 - less authority with your site visitors - and without authority, why should they trust you?

 - a steady decline in clients and (HELLO) MUCH less money money money

And even if you DO get clients when your blog and social presence look like #tumbleweeds, they're more likely to be UN-ideal - tire-kickers, penny-pinchers and pain-in-the-butt people who don't know you and what you're about.


So basically, you've GOT TO DO THIS, right?



What are you going to write about?

How will you phrase it? Will it take forever to get it onto the page?


a better way to blog - blog besties.png


There is a better way - are you ready to meet your new Blog Bestie?

What is Blog Besties?


Blog Besties is your business's favorite new subscription.  You'll receive once-a-week LIVE videos specifically created for your design biz. Every week, you'll get a video with a topic, some suggestions on how to personalize the post for your biz, and then a breakdown on exactly what to write - section by section.

With Blog Besties, you can write at lightning speed and adding a polished post to your site in about an hour a week, so you can go back to spending time on your design biz (instead of staring at that blinking cursor).


With your Blog Besties membership, you'll:

- Develop a set of subjects you can speak knowledgeably about

- Create a list of topics your ideal clients are searching for

- Watch quick, no-BS video trainings with writing prompts so you can write your posts super fast

- Optimize those posts for SEO

and best of all?

- Post or schedule your writing RIGHT AWAY. 


This is pretty awesome, too... 

You'll ALSO receive the ultimate sharing schedule for social - after all, what's the point of writing the thing if no one's going to see it? When you sign up for Blog Besties, you'll immediately receive your schedule and checklist so you can write, post, schedule, and SHARE with ease. 


Imagine - a better way to blog - blog besties.png



No more sitting around trying to force yourself to write a blog, and no more shaking your head as you read what you've typed, thinking sadly, "This is absolute crap."

Yeah, I know you've thought that before. I'm not psychic - I've just been there.

It took concerted practice to NOT write absolute crap, and guess what?

Writing with a Blog Besties framework is that kind of practice - this method will have you writing better and faster than ever before. 


Sound good so far? Here are the details - 

When do we start?

Your membership begins the week you sign up. Once you’re in the group, you don’t even have to wait a week to get started - you can look at past weeks for inspiration.

YEP! You'll have your week's blogging DONE first thing and you'll be back to working on your design biz, not stuck wondering what to write about. 

You're ready to make the kind of effort that grows your business, right? You're the kind of person who's sick of waiting around for something to stick, and you're tired of trying to force yourself to create habits that don't come naturally.

Oh, and if I can guess one more thing about you?

You're totally over doing business in a boring way - you want to shake things up and try things that are fast, fun, and effective. 

You can do all that with Blog Besties. 

How much does this cost?

The monthly subscription is $30 a month. In real world math, that'll set you back less than a weekly Starbucks habit. 

How do I sign up?

Simply fill out the form below. That's IT! You're IN!

So whaddya say, Bestie?



Got more questions? I've got your answers right here - 

Who is Blog Besties perfect for?

If you're trying to grow your interior design business, this is for YOU. The writing and video prompts are specifically created for design pros. 

Who is this NOT a good fit for?

Blog Besties is not for hobby bloggers. If you're blogging for fun, I totally admire that, but the prompts in Blog Besties are geared towards growing your design biz and profits.

Can I watch the videos and do this later?

Sure thing! You'll receive one video per week - it's up to you to decide when to watch and write.  

Can I join at a later date?

OF COURSE, but why would you want to? Blogging is dragging you down NOW, so you want to fix it NOW, right? 

What happens if I'm going on vacation? Can I have some money back?

First, I hope you have a great trip! Second, that's not a problem - videos are delivered right to you, so you'll be able to check in and watch at your leisure. If you're going to somewhere that has no internet access, you can always check out past prompts for inspiration.

In regards to "getting some money back", you are solely responsible for your business decisions, and no refunds will be granted. You can always cancel and come back, but it will be at whatever the current rate is - no grandfathering here.

Are you available for other editing or copy help?

Sure am! Editing begins at $285 per page, and full copy writing services begin at $1550. Please email me at misha@uncommonlygoodbiz.com to chat if you'd like to chat more. 

Has anyone else ever tried this? How do I know it works?

The Blog Besties method has been tried and tested by design pros just like you. 

Don't just take my word for it, see what they have to say about it - 


Adrienne Roubidoux - Animal Cracker Studio

Just wrote my post for this week using the declutter prompt and can't wait for it to go live tomorrow. Went a different direction than the anticipated and it feels just right. Thanks, Misha, for the inspiration each week. You are a rock star.

Not really Jenn P

Jenn Pollard - Park Place Designs

The blog that I wrote Monday and posted today has been retweeted twice. In an hour since posting! And my blogs have never been retweeted before. Happy! Thank you Misha! I have to say, I've never in my life knocked out a blog so quickly. Thank you!

SO. To sum it all up...

If you're a decorator, designer, or other interior design professional, and you need help - BIG TIME! - with your blog, give Blog Besties a shot. You'll be blogging, sharing, and building your design biz like never before. 

Are you ready for it? Scroll on up and choose your subscription and meet your blog's new best friend!

Your design blog's best friend -a better way to blog - blog besties.png