You're a star, baby - a red-hot creatively entrepreneurial STAR. 

But sometimes, you're just not sure of how to let other people - aka clients! - KNOW that. 

You don't love love LOVE writing, and when you do finally force yourself to sit down and SAY SOMETHING, you stare at the screen, silently curse your high school English teacher for making this so darn difficult (OMG - is that a dangling participle?!?), and finally give up, delete that page from your navigation, and go have an extra glass of vino,

OR you DO get your hands a-typing, and you create something that sounds extremely, totally, incredibly... BORING. You don't know who takes over your body and brain when it comes time to write your copy, but you suspect it might be that pesky Professional Robot 5000, because what's on the page is SOOOOO not you. 

And sometimes? Worst of all? You lose your way entirely. You find yourself in the small business owner fog, where up is down, black is white, business sucks and you don't know how to fix it. You're tired of asking your (well-meaning but NOT helpful) husband or 9-5er friends for help - they don't get it and their advice never puts you on the right path. 

Hey, guess what. I've got your back. I'm your friendly neighborhood brand story evangelist (funny story about that title - ask me sometime) and all around business bestie. 

Hello there. Name's Misha. Nice to meet you, that's right I said it, nice to meet you. (Did you get the sensation I was shaking your hand briskly? Because I totally was.)

So. You're here at Uncommonly Good Biz's Red Hot House of Copy and Clarity Coaching for Creative Entrepreneurs (or the UGBRHHCCCCE, as the natives like to call it) because sister, you need help. You have a story to tell, a product to sell, and important gifts to share but you are stuck like Brer Rabbit in all that there molasses. Am I right?

Have no fear, sailor. I've got you covered. I'm an oldschool word nerd, and nothing delights me more than massaging what you've got into its full potential (yeah, yeah, that's what she said...) and getting you back on the path to enlightenment, fame and big fat cartoon bags of money - you know, the kind with dollar signs drawn on the side? 

This all sounds fan-flippin'-tastic, I know, but you need to know MORE. You're a smart shopper, not some babe-in-arms who's taken in by flashy internet pop-ups and empty promises. So read on HERE if you want to know how this process goes, HERE if you want to see what other cool people just like you think about working with me, HERE if you've got a Frequently Asked Question and HERE if you just want to read all the wisdom I pour into the universe. 

Need to know more than that? Email me at and we'll chat like long-lost Brownie Girl Scout besties. Pillow fights and hair braiding optional.